‘Chok’ With Coca-Cola [MOBILE + TVC]

One of the highlights of Mobilio events was Adrian Botan‘s presentation. He talked about the chance of mobile branded apps to complement another existing medium. We might want to consider going from mobile to MOBILE+. Here is how MOBILE + TVC was implemented by Coca Cola last year.

In all honesty, who really likes commercials during their quality TV time? You would be lying if you said that you’ve never had that tiny eye twitch whenever a commercial interrupted you in watching your favorite TV show or a good movie. Even if it’s a really good commercial, as such exist, you would still feel annoyed that very second when the commercials start. Well good news! Now there is a way to get us racing to watch commercials and even be happy when they air. Not only that, but you could actually win some prizes with actively participating in the commercial itself.

Coca Cola, as the amazing innovator that it is, launched a campaign for its new app in Hong Kong that integrates two of our most beloved technologies, the TV and the phone, into a new and interactive sensation. The new ‘Chok’ mobile app turns mobile devices in a remote control that the user shakes when a Coke commercial comes on the screen. When the very famous Coca-Cola song starts, the app takes the audio signal from the commercial and synch it with the phone. After the app has recognized that the commercial is airing and the phone is being shaken, the most competitive users can enter a sweepstakes collecting digital bottle caps and win prizes. Isn’t this amazing? Coca-Cola sure knows how to get us involved, but also knows how to invite more people into it’s circle of fun. Grabbing quality attention is what this giant brand does.

 It is no surprise that this app was a huge success: It was downloaded over 390,000 times within the first 15h of its launch, and Coke saw its brand revitalized in this Chinese city. Julie Ask writes in a Forrester blog: “The audio signal from the commercial triggers the application and syncs the user’s motion with the video. The accelerometer is used to assess the quality of the motion of the user’s mobile phone — the device that is used to catch the bottle tops virtually.”

Adrian Botan - Mobilio Presentation
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