V Motion Project

V Motion Project [Kinect + Music]

The Motion Project was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client for the project, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), together with their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of talented people from […]


Nissan Pathfinder [Kinect + In Store Activation]

Nissan is pioneering an entirely new way to sell cars at its dealerships using Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows technology.  Using Kinect’s Natural User Interface (NUI), Nissan is enabling shoppers to hop into a virtual 2013 Pathfinder and explore the SUV – that isn’t in showrooms yet – using motion and natural human gestures. When shopping […]


The Augmented Reality Sandbox [Kinect + Education]

We love to see how technology like a Kinect 3D camera can create new interactive environments and games. Case in point this new augmented reality sandbox designed by Oliver Kreylos out of U.C. Davis that projects a real-time colored topographic map complete with contour lines onto the surface of the sand while you manipulate it. The system even allows you […]


Fiat Street Evo [Mobile + Objects]

Fiat Street Evo it’s the most surprising catalog a car has ever seen. It’s an app (for iPhone and Android) that recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into features of the new Punto Evo. The app recognizes traffic signs as if they were QR codes and it associates each sign with a feature directly related […]

nike fuel band

Nike Fuelband [Mobile + Product]

Pedometers have long existed. But let’s be honest, they’re for middle aged, over weight women. There is nothing cool, rad or hip about them. Those of the younger, more stylish generation are attracted to sleeker looking products that complement their lifestyle, not ones that contradict it. Nike’s Plus service emerged a few years ago, and […]

Mini Cooper Get Away

MINI Getaway Stockholm [Mobile + Product]

MINI launched new Countryman in Sweden in October 2010 with the concept of “Getaway”. For seven days, everybody with an iPhone was invited to hunt and catch a virtual MINI in the city of Stockholm. The iPhone app showed users the location of the virtual MINI, all other players and their own location. Those who got closer […]


Heineken Star Play [Mobile + TV]

The only global beer brand’ hits the back of the net with groundbreaking real-time football app The last two years of media analysis have been dominated by discussion of a handful of issues: real time media, multiscreen and mobile, and the effect of both things on the TV content we love.Whilst everyone else was wondering […]


Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store [Mobile + OOH]

Tesco Supermarkets in South Korea were rebranded as “Homeplus“, adjusting to the local market and moving up to the second most popular store behind the number one company, E-mart. However the company faced the challenge of taking on E-Mart without opening many more stores. Research showed that many Korean customers were focused on getting to […]


Print Campaigns That Really Speak to You [Mobile + Print]

QR codes are being used to get dictators talking in a set of print ads from the free-press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders. You scan the QR code with your iPhone and then place the phone over the leader’s mouth. The mouth starts talking—but it turns out to be the voice of a journalist discussing […]


‘Chok’ With Coca-Cola [MOBILE + TVC]

One of the highlights of Mobilio events was Adrian Botan‘s presentation. He talked about the chance of mobile branded apps to complement another existing medium. We might want to consider going from mobile to MOBILE+. Here is how MOBILE + TVC was implemented by Coca Cola last year. In all honesty, who really likes commercials […]


AR – World of National Geographic [Kinect + In Store Activation]

Feed the dinosaurs, pet a leopard, moonwalk with an astronaut or brave a storm. Zain in cooperation with 360 MALL & National Geographic Channel, brings to you the spectacular world of augmented reality.


Totoya Creatures [Mobile + Product]

They are soft and digital!


Roomba Revenge [Mobile + Gaming]

Roomba Revenge is a goofy game where a Roomba vacuum robot chases after and cleans up evil Dust Bunnies. As you can see in the trailer, you clean up dirt, dust, and debris until your floor is spotless. You have to finish before time runs out. In Revenge mode, the Roomba is invincible and gobbles […]


Sex Profile [Mobile + Market Research]

Young people in Stockholm have become more careless with condom use. Especially in the summer where one person gets infected by chlamydia every hour. Therefore we asked, How are Stockholm “doing” it this summer? To be part of the project you had to download our app. A fun app you use while getting laid, which […]


Are you really awake? [Mobile]

Wake’n’Shake is a simple and efficient iPhone app that test your sleepiness. The alarm turns off when you shake the phone for a while but if you stop stirring, it starts counting time from scratch. This remind me of Seinfeld: “Jerry: Did you shake it up? Elaine: No. Jerry: You gotta shake it up. Elaine: […]


Cool Creature [Facebook + Outlook App]

“Creature Creator” – a Faceboook app designed by Brand New School for Microsoft Outlook, where a creature is generated visually to represent your Facebook information and activity. The Creature’s face, legs and arms are determined by its owner’s name; the moods are based on status updates; the body is built from wall-post and color of […]


Something that should be inside every car [Mobile + Product]

A toy from Toyota: Backseat Driver app which, thanks to GPS, lets kids use the movements of their parents’ car as feedback in their own game. The app is the first product from ToyToyota, a new division of the car maker.

they live

“Put the glasses on! Put ‘em on!” [Mobile]

iPhone 4 can be used like the sunglasses from John Carpenter’s movie “They Live“; just not to see aliens and secret messages but record cool oscillations.   This effect is due to the rolling shutter, which is non-representative of how strings actually vibrate.

catrinel book

The future of books! [Mobile + Books]

“The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” A love letter to books this iPad app is about the curative power of story. This interactive storybook makes us, kids, to engage more.

nike better world

Parallax at its best [Website]

A simple site that creates excellent scrolling experience               and how it was done via Smashing magazine