Digital Carol [iOS, Android]

Type: Mobile Apps
Client/Brand: McCann Erickson
Year: 2012

Sorcova is an ancient Romanian custom, now reborn in a digital form.

How does Sorcova app work?

Install the application, open it, select the Facebook friend that you want to sorcovesti, move vigorously phone to hear bells and then began to sing. Finally, the application automatically posts a message on your Facebook. If you want, you can capture the moment when you get your reward for your singing.

McCann Romania hired us to develop and improve the design of this iPhone and Android app.

Sorcova - MIND TREAT STUDIOS S.R.L.-D. Google Play

Project: Sorcova digitala
Client: McCann Erickson, Romania
Ad Agency: MRM Worldwide, Romania
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios
Android Development: mReady