The Great Ads Tool [iOS, Facebook + Ad History]

Type: Mobile Apps
Client/Brand: BBDO / Lürzer's Archive
Year: 2012


Few months ago Lürzer’s Archive launched a campaign called “Great Ads. No one knows how. Everyone knows where.”
Created by BBDO Moscow, the campaign tried to imagine how some of the greatest ads published on the magazine were created.

Now it’s your turn to use your imagination. Lürzer’s Archive and BBDO Moscow are giving you a chance to be co-creator of this campaign. All you need to do is to download “the great ads tool”, an app for iPhone and iPad that will let you create your own ad that will be part of the campaign. The app is connected to Lürzer’s Archive database, so you can search your favorite ads and try to imagine how they were created, following the same format of dialogs seen in the campaign.

The best ads will be printed on the magazine, and your name will be added to the credits of this campaign. Don’t loose this chance to be part of the campaign and to be published in Archive!

Project:  The Great Ads Tool
Ad Agency: BBDO, Moscow
Client: Lürzer’s Archive
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios