Heineken Celebrates 140 Years on Cocor [Kinect, iOS + BTL Activation]

Client/Brand: Heineken® / McCann Erickson / Momentum
Year: 2013

An unique, unconventional outdoor application was launched by Heineken. The use of latest technologies allowed the brand to interact live with its customers. Application users had the opportunity to cheer a beer in honor of the anniversary of 140 years of Heineken and then being projected live on the biggest screen in Romania. The virtual cheer was made extremely simple and intuitive via a Microsoft Kinect sensor. Users also had iPads available to personalize anniversary messages for Heineken and to upload their live presence on Cocor on their Facebook account.

The application was based on a latest generation Microsoft Kinect sensor designed to track the movements of people and detect the collision. Two cameras have captured images of users with cheering with a virtual glass, which were sent to the screen and parallel to the recording server. After the collision, videos could be viewed and uploaded to Facebook through tablets.

Important representatives of social media, and celebrities such as Delia Matache, Radu Valcan, Loredana Groza and Victor Slav used the app.

Momentum Worldwide Romania hired us to develop the Kinect and iOS apps and also to implement it technically.

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Project: Heineken Celebrates 140 Years on Cocor
Client: Heineken
Ad Agency: Momentum Worldwide Romania
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios