Lürzer’s ARCHIVE [iPad app]

Client/Brand: Lürzer's Archive
Year: 2011

To help Lürzer’s ARCHIVE readers get the most out of their beloved magazine, they are constantly trying to inspire the development of not only content but also their channels.With this goal in mind, they hired us to create a brand new, shinny app for iPad.

“The iPad App marks a milestone of our digital services where technology and inspiration meet to become what all creatives out there seek: a simple and handy way to get ideas!”, says Michael Weinzettl, their publisher.

Lürzer's ARCHIVE for iPad - Lürzer's ARCHIVE

Readers’ response has been overwhelming:

“Lurzer’s Archive has been for many years an absolutely remarkable collection of print work, TV and not only. It was really like an advertising bible and it certainly inspired many of us. Therefore an application that saves all that amount of inspirational work and transfer it digital to your fingers in nothing short than a small wonder :). It’s the savior app, because it takes the old craft and feeling of the print into the new era of the touch screen.
It works just great, you can use the search easier than on the web and the work looks stunning on iPad. Congratulations to the team that developed this application, it’s a must for any advertiser!”
Razvan Capanescu, Chief Creative Director, Publicis

“I’ll no longer have to lug the last 25 years of Archive magazines to and from work everyday.
Thank you Lürzer’s Archive!”
Dave Dye, Commissioning Editor, DHM

“As well as having the printed versions, this just brings it to another level,
Being able to see so many great Advertising ideas that have come to life over the last +25 years within one App is perfect!
To be able to see digital versions of 1000′s of campaigns (backlit) within just a few swipes just adds to how this inspires in a new way.
Keep inspiring :) and showing the new and old!”
Nathan Azopardi, CGI Artist

“Downloaded the app and spent some time playing with it. Simple but very intuitive interface, all the ads i’m used to seeing in book form look nice and crisp, no loss of quality. Search works well too. Really cool and useful tool that i’ll be using a lot. ”
Chuck Tso, Creative Director, R/GA

“I like it! At first glance, it looked sparse and felt like a hastily put together – just to get on the digital/iPad bandwagon. But I quickly realized it was in fact very sleek and elegant – interface-wise – and it was not lacking in features – I like the Add to list, and selective/all download/delete features. Neat!

Kaijie Chen, iTunes subscriber, chasingripples.com

Project:  Tools for ad creatives worldwide: iPad App
Client: Lürzer’s Archive
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios