Lürzer’s Archive [iPhone App]

Client/Brand: Lürzer's Archive
Year: 2011

Lürzer’s Archive for iPhone – tools for ad creatives worldwide.

Lürzer's ARCHIVE - Lürzer's ARCHIVE

Lürzer’s Archive, the most wanted magazine in the world of advertising, has just launched the application for iPhone developed by us, an application that is expected to continue to show the best of advertising not only in the magazine and on the website, but also on the iPhone and – soon on the iPad.

This app brings together more than 160 publications of pure creativity, more than 50,000 campaigns of excellent print, and more than 8,000 TV commercials in high definition for the screen of your iPhone.

We have invested more than a year to polish and refine the application, and we are proud of its characteristics. Although you can access all of the editorial content of the last 27 years, the application weighs less than  2 MB. The loading speed is adapted to the iPhone, giving it a shiny new search engine that offers enhanced results.
Lürzer’s Archive have learned from the readers’ comments and have also included an easy way to access the tutorials. For offline browsing, you can choose to download the desired content to the device and enjoy the full speed.
The amazing thing about this, however, is the price: only € 99 per year for access to the website and for the iPhone application, and for the soon to be released iPad application. Plus a complete edition of the free application.
This is a great application for each creative, professional or amateur photographer, and people interested in the world of advertising.

Complete list of features:
NEW: easy to find new publications and information: personal notifications and the latest edition.
ARCHIVE: Lürzer’s Archive provides access from anywhere: over 160 publications (since 1984) worldwide (over 50,000 print ads and TV commercials 8,000).
Full screen to view the ad: classified HD quality (as our print magazine has full credits to the creative behind the campaign that are related to their contact information).
Searches:  Display of the media categories, sorting of the prioritized results.
myARCHIVE:   Lürzer’s Archive adds their own file with your favorite work.
Save complete editions for offline browsing.
Organize campaigns folders and personal lists.
MORE: Account manager, download manager, opinions about it.
Tutorials:  Access tutorials to explain how to use the application and where you can find what you need.

[Later edit] And look at this amazing feedback from the users:

Country Review
Germany Ich hatte die Hoffnung niemals aufgegeben. Danke!
United States I will buy the online suscription instead the printed version
United Kingdom I really liked this. The subscription is a bit steep but there is a great deal of simple content which is easy to navigate and see on the smallest screen.
France Merci pour toutes ces inspirations
Brazil Love it!
United States Love it
Australia I used to buy the mag and it cost $30 to $40 an issues when boarders was still around. I haven’t seen it since, so I’m very happy with the app. Just great
Australia Brilliant
United States This App from the Archive is the most complete selection of creativity at your fingers.
Portugal Ao longo de varios anos, e por muitos continua a deliciar-me com as vossas publicações muito profissional. Parabens continuem
United Kingdom Really like this app, great downloadable content, even from before i was born! Good source of inspiration and nice navigation.
Brazil It’s incredible how a 25yr old magazine is so up-to-date in all platforms. The biggest Archive of the “crème-de-la-crème” from advertising worldwide. Definitely deserves a space in your iPhone desktop : )
United States This is a great app ARCHIVE, thank you.
Austria use it all the time! Can’t wait for iPad
Brazil Point your finger to keep in touch to great ideas. I do liked it!
Netherlands I love this:)  Thanks
United States For over a year I’ve been hoping and praying that Archive would come up with an app. D&AD, CMYK Mag, The One Show should follow. This app is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Love it. Educational and entertaining and seriously the best app in the app store.
India Anyone who’s in advertising or is a photographer HAS to have this. It’s been a year in the making and it shows!!! You get EVERY issue of LA all the way back to 1984 if you pay up. An absolute treasure trove of advertising from back then to right now. The app itself is slick and easy to use. You can download whatever you want and even make custom lists of your searches. One app that’s seriously making me think of buying an iPad because my iPhone’s screen doesn’t do it full justice.
Germany Lürzer’s Archive goes digital. Now you can browse through Archive wherever you are. Great App!
United States it’s extremely fun to just sit and watch 20 year old commercials while commuting :)  times really changed since then
Germany Very cool App!  Very fast and simple to handle and it looks really cool. Thank you!
Canada If you’re an ad junkie then this app is great  Just wish the ads were in high res

Project:  Tools for ad creatives worldwide: iPhone App
Client: Lürzer’s Archive
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios