Nescafe 75 Years – How It’s Made [Kinect + BTL Activation]

Type: Kinect Apps
Client/Brand: BBDO / Grafitti PR / Nescafe
Year: 2013

Graffiti PR asked us to support their BTL efforts to celebrate 75 years of Nescafe by designing, developing and implementing an interactive Kinect app. This is how “Nescafe 75 Years – How It’s Made” came about.

How to prepare 100% natural coffee?
1.  HARVESTING: The fruit of the coffee plant called coffee cherries are handpicked. The fruit ripens at different times of the year.
2.  DRYING: The coffee berries are dried in the sun in order to obtain the right colour!
3.  PEELING OFF THE HUSKS AND SORTING: Each coffee fruit contains two green seeds, which are removed from their shell by peeling off the husks. Both Arabica and Robusta beans are selected.
4.  ROASTING:  The temperature and the duration of the roasting process are carefully controlled in order to keep the coffee flavour! Light roasting creates a soft flavour, whereas medium roasting creates a well-defined and rich flavour.
5.  GRINDING: The roasted beans are ground until they turn into a coarse powder.
6.  WATER ELIMINATION: In order to obtain instant coffee, water is extracted from the coffee through freezing or evaporation. Water is eliminated, leaving fine texture instant coffee.
7.  PACKAGING: The coffee is packaged in Nescafé jars and sachets.
8.  BREWING: The recommended Nescafé coffee quantity is 1-2 teaspoons for 180ml of water.

We transformed each of these steps in easy interactions using Kinect body tracking. Check out a complete tour through the app in the video above.


Project: Nescafe 75 Years – How It’s Made
Client: Nescafe
Ad Agency: Graffiti PR, Romania
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios