Pantene Dressing Room [Kinect, iPad + In Store Activation]

Client/Brand: 360REVOLUTION / pantene / saatchi
Year: 2012

In-Store marketing is on the rise. We’re not saying you should trust the largest newspaper in the United States, but it’s the same thing we hear from our creative friends in advertising. Ad agencies are telling us “it’s about time we come up with something cool and innovative”. And some of the places from where innovation can come from are awesome interactive games like this take on the classic breakout, or branded iOS apps which are a Mind Treat Studios specialty. We had already created a few iPad in-store advertising apps before, and we’ll soon publish a dedicated post on that subject, but today we’ll write about the large TV screen + PC + Kinect combo.

Working with one of our clients on an iPad app, they came with an interesting proposition: develop an augmented reality virtual dressing room (everybody has one of those nowadays, or so it seems if you search for it on youtube), and a motion-controlled action minigame. We were free to choose the technology for these two projects but looking at the ease of detecting human skeletons and interconnecting with existing frameworks (such as XNA Game Studio), we chose Microsoft Kinect for Windows and pretty much went at it.

This Dressing Room was used as an activation tool for Pantene. Kinect booth was present in all major Cora hypermarkets all over Romania for about 6 weekends.

Project: Dressing Room
Production studio: 360 Revolution
Ad agency: Saatchi&Saatchi
Client: P&G
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios