Romanian Design Week [Mobile + Event]

Type: Mobile Apps
Year: 2014

Romanian Design Week is the most important event showcasing Romanian Design. This year the focus is design in public spaces. With more than 150 designers and 60 collateral events taking over Bucharest and spanning over 10 full days and 4 full nights, navigating the festival itself can prove to be a challenge. Therefore we created an ingenious mobile app that organizes everything by date, event and category basically whichever way you may wish to strategize your visit. Whether it’s at the main exhibition or further off the grid, the app supplies you with all the necessary information to make sure you don’t miss a thing. An invaluable tool for anyone attending RDW the app is available for free from 15.05.2014

Project: Romanian Design Week
Client: The Institute
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios
Android Dev: mReady

The application can be downloaded here:
Google Play