Silent Christmas [iOS, Android]

Type: Mobile Apps
Client/Brand: McCann Erickson / Vodafone
Year: 2013

How long can you survive without your cell phone? An hour? Until noon? A whole day? It’s Christmas time so please leave your phone and Facebook and stay more with your family. Download Vodafone app, “Craciun Linistit” and let’s see how long you resist!

How does it work?
The app is your own Christmas instalation: do not call, do not give messages, do not navigate on the net and do not answer the phone! All you need to do after you have turned it on is enjoying time spent with your family.

“Craciun Linistit” app will measure the time you spent with the Christmas screen activated; it has a carols playlist which you can choose as background music and you receive notifications during countdown.
Your gesture can inspire others, so in the end, you can show your friends on Facebook how much holidays with family and friends worths for you. Everything from a single click.

Project: “Craciun Linistit”
Client: Vodafone
Ad Agency: McCann Erickson Romania
Design and Technical Studio: Mind Treat Studios
Android Development: mReady