Slice a Lemon, Make a Ciuc Radler! [Kinect, Facebook + BTL Activation]

Year: 2012

We have designed and developed the “Ciuc Radler Kinect” app, which was part of a bigger campaign coordinated by McCann to launch Ciuc Radler in Romania.

People were able to enjoy a Kinect game by slicing lemons, a game which was inspired by Fruit Ninja. The players’ shadows were reflected in a bottle full of Ciuc Premium beer, and the players were invited to slice lemons until they obtained the perfect percentage for a Ciuc Radler (63% lemonade and 37% beer).

Four different pictures were taken during key moments of each game, which were then posted on the official Ciuc Radler Facebook page and people were encouraged to tag themselves in the photos.

Project: Tai o Lamaie, Faci un Radler
Client: Heineken
Ad Agency: Universal McCann, Romania
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios