Sparkler [iOS, Android]

Type: Mobile Apps
Client/Brand: Publicis
Year: 2013

Artifica Publicis was our fun way to wish Happy 21st century holidays to clients, employees, friends, and all mankind. It is a digital replica of the famous “Sparkler”.

The digital experience is risk free and smokeless compared to the real one. Yet, we kept the fun parts: lighting it, watching it burn, and even lighting it from a friend. Yes, You can do that!
Once you make sure both of you have enabled Bluetooth, one of you can swipe the spark towards the other and what follows is a thing pretty close to magic.

We wish you many many many moments that call for Artifica.

The application can be downloaded here:

Google Play

Project: “Artifica”
Client: Publicis Romania
Design and Technical Studio: Mind Treat Studios